Sanctioned Tournaments are those tournaments, set up by a Knight of the Crown, which do not correspond to the monthly event. These tournaments should be set up through the website's tournament registration system (also called the My Tourney system) just like Event Tournaments. Sanctioned tournaments can take many forms such as Event Tournaments, Constructed, Sealed Deck, and Draft. There are no set guidelines for Sanctioned Tournaments (other than the registration of the tournament in the My Tourney system, though suggestions are listed below.


Drafting is a unique form of tournament play that few other types of games can enjoy. Players all purchase (or are provided) and equal number of packs, from the same set or sets. Those players then sit around a table, and simultaneously open the first pack. Players then normally select one card from the pack, and pass the pack to their left. This repeats until all players have 12 cards that they have taken, and all packs have been depleted. Next, each player opens another pack, this time passing to the right. The final packs are done in the same manner, going left, and then right. Following the draft itself, each player may add the set 11 cards to his deck, and then constructs a deck from this pool of cards. Play then continues as a normal tournament would.

  • Drafts are suggested to be run using 4 booster packs, with at least two of those packs being from 1st Edition and no more than 1 pack from any one expansion (thus, 3 packs from 1st Edition and 1 pack of Expansion A, or 2 packs from 1st Edition, 1 pack from Expansion A, and 1 pack from Expansion B). If a 4-pack draft is done, then players should supply their own set 11 cards and gems.
  • Drafting also works great if a Starter Deck is used because then all players end up with the set 11 cards and the gems needed to play. In this case, it is recommended that players choose 2 cards per pick to speed up the draft process. Otherwise players or shops should supply their own set 11 cards and gems.
  • When drafting wanderers along with normal cards, it is suggested that players, upon opening each pack, take one card of their choice (laying this face down), and then choose one wanderer from the same pack, placing this face up so all can see that a wanderer was chosen.
  • Players need not worry about getting rares since many of the "best" or "most powerful" cards are actually commons and uncommons.

Sealed Deck

Sealed Deck tournaments involve a player purchasing (or being provided) a certain number of decks and/or packs. The players then construct decks from the cards that they open, and are not allowed to add in any cards from their collections.

  • Sealed Deck tournaments are ideal for keeping all players on an even playing field. Everyone has the same number of cards to construct their deck out of, and is given the same amount of time to do so. It's a great option for anyone concerned about one player having a larger collection than the others.
  • Using a Starter Deck works great for Sealed Deck tournaments. As an option offer a few booster packs as part of the deal to increase the ability for players to customize their cards. We have found that a Starter Deck and 2 Booster Packs is ideal.
  • Regardless of the type of packs used, it is recommended that players have the ability to use or add one each of the set 11 commons found in all Starter Decks. This insures that each player has at least 9 influence-producing structures, and at least one stronghold.


Constructed tournaments allow players to construct a deck ahead of time and bring it with them to the tournament. These end up being no-holds-barred tournaments, where any legal deck can be used. Players can try and construct very narrow, focused decks that attempt to do one thing well, or try their luck at a "toolbox" kind of deck that can react to anything. The freedom of Constructed makes it one of the most popular formats in CCG tournaments.

  • Players can, and are encouraged to, construct any kind of deck that they can think of, as long as it is within the deck-building rules presented in the instructions.
  • Constructed tournaments give players a chance to really experiment with their decks.

Event Tournaments

The bi-monthly Event Tournaments are Sanctioned Events, but have a page dedicated to them. Please see the Event Tournament page for more details. PLAYERS PER GAME

Since Allegiance: War of Factions is really designed to be a multi0player game, we suggest you try to organize tournaments with at least three players per game. One-on-one tournaments are allowed, but multi-player games are encouraged.

These are the player organizations we really enjoy:

  • 3 to 6 players
  • 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 team games (all players on your team must reach the victory condition to win)


We suggest that games are limited to 1-2 hours and that there are 2-3 rounds in tournaments. For shorter rounds have players play to 15-20 points. For longer, more intense games have them play to the full 25 points. If you are running two player, head-to-head games you can lower the time limit significantly. Experienced players will often finish a two-player game in 30 to 45 minutes or less.


Each player who wins a game gets an additional 5 points to his Victory Influence total at the end of the game. Remaining players get their Victory Influence total. A players' tournament total is determined first by looking at the total number of wins that player has, and then by adding up the final Victory Influence score of all of his games. The player with the most wins is the winner of the tournament with the total Victory Influence total being the tie breaker. Thus, a player with 2 wins and a Victory Influence total of 45 would beat a player with 1 win and a Victory Influence total of 50.


Prize support is available for Event Tournaments. However, Lucid Raven does offer Influence Points for playing in, and also for winning in Sanctioned Tournaments. These can then be redeemed for unique merchandise and cards. If your Knight of the Crown organizes the tournament via the website all players who register for it will not only get influence, but automatically have their scores and rankings added into our system. Note that only tournaments registered on the website will be eligible for Influence Points.