Royal Lineage II will take place at GenCon Indy 2005 in Indianapolis, IN. The standard prize payout will be used - all players will receive product, influence points, and a t-shirt.

Tournament Details:

Format: Constructed (Event)
Players per Game: 3-player games are standard, with occasional 4-player games when necessary
Rounds: 3 rounds, with an additional final round if necessary. Each round will last 90 minutes, with a 15 minute break in-between rounds and 15 minutes before the first round for deck registration.
Deck-Building Requirements: Standard v.80 rules, with the caviat listed in "Faction Limitations." Each player must register their deck on-site before the tournament (deck registration involves filling out a checklist detailing the exact contents of each deck).
Wanderer Deck: Construct for 4 players (12 wanderer minimum)
Faction Limitations: Each deck can only contain personalities from a maximum of three factions: one economic military faction, one religious faction, and one political faction. Thus, players cannot have the Veteran's Guild and Guild Darkmoor (including Trellion Galihand) in the same deck. Also, players who are playing members from The Glory of Kalim cannot have Sacious Qwellin in their deck, and players who are playing members of House Mosfin cannot have Helen Atrana in their deck. Also, each deck must have a primary faction. This means that one faction must have more cards in the deck than any other one faction. Example 1: A deck containing 10 Mosfin, 9 Vets, and 8 Kalim is legal - the deck would have House Mosfin as the primary faction. Example 2: A deck containing 10 Mosfin, 10 Vets, and 8 Kalim is not legal, as both Mosfin and Vets are tied for most members - a single faction must have the most, and it must not be a tie.

Tournament Event: This tournament includes a tournament event that will change gameplay. The tournament event information will be posted two weeks before the event.