The Royal Lineage Tournament Series

Royal Lineage Tournaments are sponsored by Lucid Raven Productions, and are run at large conventions a few times each year. Each Royal Lineage gives the players the ability to directly affect the storyline of Allegiance. Has your faction diminished in standing? Attend a Royal Lineage and help it advance back to where it should be!

Like Event Tournaments, each Royal Lineage has a specific Tournament Event that occurs throughout it, changing the way that the game plays. These tend to be Events that will cause the player to carefully consider what cards to add or remove from their deck - these Events are most definitely meant for experts only!

The prizes given out at each Royal Lineage vary depending on the amount of people at that tournament. Every Royal Lineage (minumum 6 participants) will result in multiple boxes being awarded as a prize and an increased amount of influence points. The more players at the Royal Lineage, the greater the stakes will be - a full Royal Lineage tournament of 66 players results in a full case of booster displays (that's six display boxes) being awarded to first prize, not to mention the 125 influence points and t-shirt, and other possible prizes on top of that. Other players won't be missing out, though - full display boxes will be awarded to other players as well. Luckily though, with these high stakes comes a promise - every player in a Royal Lineage tournament will walk away with at least some kind of prize, not to mention the increased influence points earned for these tournaments.

Players receive 25 influence points for attending a Royal Lineage Event, compared to 10 for an Event Tournament. The winners of the Royal Lineage come out on top as well - 100 additional points are awarded to first place, 50 to second, and 25 to third.

The Royal Lineage Tournament Series to date:

Royal Lineage I: Origins 2005
Royal Lineage II: Gen-Con Indy 2005
Royal Lineage III: Gen-Con So-Cal 2005

Royal Lineage Prize Payouts:

Royal Lineage (3 - 13 participants)
Royal Lineage (14 - 38 participants)
Royal Lineage (39 - 66 participants)