Magistrates are the rules lawyers of Allegiance: War of Factions. These folks are called upon by the Knights of the Crown to attend and help interpret rules during Allegiance Events. There are three ranks within the Magistrate order: Magistrate, High Magistrate, and Grand Magistrate. The Magistrate, being the lowest rank, requires only a decent understanding of the rules, while those who have the title of Grand Magistrate are masters of the rules and likely have found every nook and cranny that exists within the game.


  • Up to three magistrates will help interpret rules at tournament events. The magistrates are chosen by the Knight of the Crown.
  • Magistrates are also expected to keep up to date on the clarifications and errata. This information can be found in our forums. There is also a Magistrates Tournament Handbook which should be available sometime soon in the Downloads section. This document will include all of the latest information on rules and errata.


  • Magistrates, like Knights of the Crown, receive 40 influence points for being at an Event tournament and 5 points for Sanctioned Tournaments.
  • You can use the Magistrate, High Magistrate, and Grand Magistrate titles on the forums.


Becoming a Magistrate is quite easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Take the Magistrate Entrance Exam.
2. Wait for the response from the Council of Ministers regarding your entrance exam--it should be showing up via e-mail or the forums within a few days at the most. See, we told you it was easy.

If you are already a Magistrate you can become a High Magistrate by setting up a chat with one of our team members where we'll test your knowledge of some of the more heinous ins and outs of the game. This can be by phone call, internet chat, or in person. We'll figure out the best way to make it happen. If you pass our tests then you'll be advanced to the position of High Magistrate.

As for the Grand Magistrate position...well, this is going to be a "meet us and get grilled in person" position. We'll have to meet you at a convention or something and we'll really grill you about the most minute details of the game. I don't expect many to hold this position, but if you see one, you'll know that they are masters of Allegiance rules.


Can I still play in tournaments where I'm acting as a Magistrate?

Can I WIN tournaments in which I'm acting as a Magistrate?
There are two answers to this. At Event Tournaments the answer is no. You do, however, still get the same benefits of influence points and the promotional items that the winners get so you aren't really losing out. As for Sanctioned Tournaments...this is up to your Knight of the Crown and his shop. We suggest that Magistrates be allowed to win so long as they do not interpret rules for games they are playing in.