Lucid Raven Productions has an extensive Organized Play program for Allegiance: War of Factions. Read on to see how you can get involved, either as a player, a judge, or a tournament organizer.

Royal Lineage Tournaments are sponsored by Lucid Raven, and are run at large conventions a few times each year. Each Royal Lineage gives the players the ability to directly affect the storyline of Allegiance. Has your faction diminished in standing? Attend a Royal Lineage and help it advance back to where it should be! Like Event Tournaments, each Royal Lineage has a specific Tournament Event that occurs throughout it, changing the way that the game plays. A full list of the upcoming and past Royal Lineage events is found in this section, as well as more information on the prizes awarded at each Royal Lineage. The My Tourney section is the hub of all current tournaments in the Allegiance world. Players can search for, and register for, tournaments taking place all over the world. Knights of the Crown (Event Organizers) can create official tournaments, including both Event Tournaments and Sanctioned Tournaments (see below for more info). No tourneys going on near you? Then take the initiative - become a Knight of the Crown and run official tournaments in your local store!

Every quarter there is a special Event Tournament which progresses the storyline of the Allegiance world. This Event Tournament will always include an event which somehow modifies the gameplay for tournament. The event details will always be released via this website in advance of the tournament's start date, giving players will have time to prepare their playdecks to prepare for the event. Event Tournaments are sanctioned under the Allegiance Organized Play system, though they have their own set of rules on organizing and playing them. A list of all past and present Event Tournaments, along with details on how to run them, can be found in the Event Tournament section. All other official tournaments fall under the Sanctioned Tournament banner. Sanctioned Tournaments allows local shops and groups of gamers to get together to play traditional tournament-style games, including Draft, Sealed Deck, Constructed, and more. Knights of the Crown (Allegiance's Tournament Organizers) may set up as many of these Sanctioned Tournaments as they wish via our website tournament system. For more information, please see the Sanctioned Tournaments page.



Knights of the Crown are the official tournament organizers for Allegiance. These volunteers are in charge of setting up tournaments, promoting them, and making sure they run correctly. All Event and Sanctioned Tournaments are organzied by Knights of the Crown and are set up via the website. Players can register through the website, and after tournament are over the results are recorded into the database by the Knight of the Crown. All players will then get influence points which can be redeemed for special merchandise via the Influence System. Also, players can receive special promo cards for both playing in, and winning, Event Tournaments. Sanctioned tournaments may also include prizes as determined by the Knights of the Crown and the shop hosting the event. Also, any Knight of the Crowns or Magistrates receive incentives for organizing and judging the tournaments. If you are interested in being a master of the rules, you probably want to check into the Magistrate system. Magistrates are the official judges for Allegiance, and are needed to help interpret rules at tournaments and are rewarded for their help via the influence system, as well as having access to special promotions and products.

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, or in the respective sections of the tournament area of the website, please contact or visit our forum, where you can not only find more information, but post messages for the developers and organized play representatives.