The City sank deeper, deeper into the shadows. Cobblestone streets nearly ran red with blood, the blood of the countless dignitaries that had lost their lives to the mysterious assassins during the time now known City-wide as the Knives in the Dark. Though the killings had slowed, and with it, a slight loosening of the icy grip of fear that had paralyzed the citizenry of The City, the situation was no less serious. Every now and again another report of a killing would resound throughout walls of The City, with each new report only increasing the anger of the factions...

Shadow Puppets is the fifth event tournament for Allegiance: War of Factions. It is scheduled to be run June 2005.

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The special Shadow Puppets event that happens each City Maintenance phase is done after you determine lead player, and after you check for victory. The victory check and the lead player check always happen immediately at the beginning of each turn, and nothing can be done before these things happen.

Also, no reactions may be played while resolving the Shadow Puppets events each round. If a personality is killed via Puppets, he cannot be saved with a healing card or ability.

In regards to the group loss condition, it is highly recommended that players or officials keep track of the running total on a piece of paper or by some other similar method. Note that if a personality is removed from a dead pile, it still counts against the total. If that same personality is placed into the dead pile again, it counts for each time that it was placed in the dead pile. Likewise, if a personality is placed into multiple dead piles, it counts for each time that it was placed in the dead pile. Example: Bishop Ospin dies while under the control of player A (total faction influence: 4), and then is removed from the dead pile via the Temple of the Dead. After being played once more, he dies a second time (total: 8). Then, player B flips Bishop Ospin at the beginning of a round, causing him to go into that dead pile as well. This increases the total to 12.

Participation CardPrize Card
Sacious Qwellinnot yet revealed