Each quarter there is one Event Tournament per shop/location. This tournament will feature a special event card that will affect the way players design their playdecks and play the game. Players will be given the details of the event in advance of the tournament, allowing them sufficient time to prepare to play during the event. Players are welcome to play games with the tournament event in preperation of the tournament.


Sign up here on the website for the tournament by using the My Tourney link in the tournament section. This will let you choose from any tournaments, whether they are event tournaments or other sanctioned tournaments, that are being held across the world.

If your local town or shop isn't shown, then perhaps you should look into becoming a Knight of the Crown, the Allegiance tournament organizers. Of course, if your particular shop isn't holding an event tournament, then again, you can request to become a Knight of the Crown for that shop.


There are a few reasons that players attend Event Tournaments. First, Event Tournaments are one-time events that change and progress the storyline of Allegiance. While past events can certainly be re-played, the Event Tournaments are the first chance to officially try out each Tournament Event. Not only are these game-changing events fun to play, but the outcome of Event Tournaments actually has an impact on the direction that both the development and the storyline of Allegiance: War of Factions takes.

Additionally, another reason players enjoy attending event tournaments are the promo cards that are given out for participating. Each player receives one participation card, while the top 3 players each get a prize card. Both the prize and participation card are currently only available through the event tournament system. Luckily, if you don't win the prize card one particular tournament, all you need to do to receive one is to simply show up to the next event tournament; the prize card one tournament becomes the participation card for the next tournament, so everyone is guaranteed to be able to reveive one (and again, if there isn't a tournament near you, simply sign up to become a Knight of the Crown, and you can remedy that).

In addition to the prize cards, each player will get influence points for attending the tournament, with the winners receiving additional influence points. While this is the case for any sanctioned tournament, event tournaments reward players with much more influence. You can find out more information about how the influence points can be spent to get free stuff under the Influence section of the website.


Event Tournaments are events which take place in the world of Allegiance - each tournament has some large game-changing event that always occurs during the tournament. These events are always in effect, and cannot be avoided. Examples are drawing 2 wanderers each turn instead of one, or a constantly-burning fire threatening any structure in the city each round. Every quarter a new event will be revealed which will affect the games played during the tournament. The following are the current and past events:

June 2005 Shadow Puppets download the .pdf
March 2005 Knives in the Dark download the .pdf
November 2004 Hand of the Divine download the .pdf
September 2004 The Fires of Summer download the .pdf
July 2004 Hordes from the Hills download the .pdf


As event tournaments are unique, and can be very devestating, it is strongly suggested that all event tournaments be played using the Constructed format, unless specified within the tournament event itself/


Allegiance: War of Factions is designed to be a multiplayer game, and thus all event tournaments are multi-player. Three-player games are the norm, while occasionally four-player games are needed.


Rounds are recommended to be 1 hour and 30 minutes each, with 25 point games. A minimum of 2 rounds are required for event tournaments, though more rounds can certainly be added.


Each player who wins a game gets an additional 5 points to his Victory Influence total at the end of the game. Remaining players get their Victory Influence total total. A players' tournament total is determined by adding the scores of all of his games together and by totalling his wins. The player with the most wins is the winner of the tournament (victory Influence totals are used for tie-breakers). Thus, a player with 2 wins and a Victory Influence total of 50 would beat a player with 1 win and a Victory Influence total of 55.


Rankings are planned, though the ranking system has not been finalized yet. All games are recorded, however, and will be used to calculate ratings once the rating system has been put into place.