The city is in turmoil following the recent Raging River's War. The infighting among the city's major factions has only increased since war's end and the city itself faces utter destruction as the dangers of the surrounding wilderness grow. Without leadership the city will soon fall. There must be one who can unite the city under their leadership and restore order. You must be this one.

So then, to which factions will you make your call for support? House Mosfin? Is the strength of Droman Tregorian and his house sufficient to stand with on your way to dominance? Or would your ties to the Goddess Kalim better serve your efforts? Surely those who support the Glory of Kalim would recognize your true strength and the divine calling which Kalim, herself, has given you. Yet, there are those veterans, men of honor and war with their Veteran's Guild, who have the taste of freedom and blood fresh on their tongues. Perhaps your call to them to follow you yet again into battle would give you the strength needed to claim control over the city. The decision is yours--but choose wisely who you would call friend, for in this trying time it is unsure where their allegiances lie.


Allegiance: War of Factions is the main set for the customizable card game Allegiance. Containing 220 cards, players can construct decks using the three available factions: The Glory of Kalim, House Mosfin, and the Veteran's Guild. Cards also contains Items, Events, Invocations, Structures, and Wanderers. The set contains 110 commons (11 of which appear in every starter deck), 70 uncommons, and 40 rares. Allegiance: War of Factions was released at Origins '04, on July 24, 2004.

A full list of the cards in Allegiance: War of Factions (1st Edition) can be found here.

Quick Info:
- set name: Allegiance: War of Factions (1st Edition)
- number of cards: 220 total (110C/70U/40R)
- set type: Main Set (Starters & Boosters)
- new factions: The Glory of Kalim, House Mosfin, The Veteran's Guild
- release: July 24, 2004

Starter Deck ($12.95 M.S.R.P)
- 55 cards (4 rares, 10 uncommons, 30 commons, and 11 fixed commons)
- 20 gems (4 each of 5 colors: yellow, blue, black, red, clear)
- 6-sized die
- rule book
Display boxes contain 5 decks

Booster Pack ($2.95 M.S.R.P)
- 12 cards (1 rare, 2 uncommons, and 9 commons)
Display boxes contain 20 packs


Allegiance: War of Factions (1st Edition) Checklist w/artists (text file)
Allegiance: War of Factions (1st Edition) Spoiler List - all card details (text file)