Welcome to Allegiance: War of Factions, a collectible card game where each player takes the role of a lord or lady vying for control of a mighty city. Extend your influence in an attempt to control the city's major political, religious, and economic powers. While fighting for control, it may even be necessary to join forces with those who you would call your enemies as the city itself stands on the brink of being overrun by the denizens of the wild.

Allegiance introduces a unique system of play which allows everyone to become more involved in every phase of the game. Why sit back waiting for your enemies to make their move when you can stop them before they even get the chance? Form alliances, threaten your enemies, backstab your friends, hoard the city's resources--the choice is yours!

Allegiance has cards which fall into one of six categories: Personalities, Structures, Events, Invocations, Wanderers, and Items. Customize your deck to create the perfect combination in your quest to claim control over the city. The options are near limitless!

Game Highlights:

  • Greater interaction between players including wheeling and dealing, backstabbing, and other nefarious activities.
  • Lush and unique original artwork for every card.
  • Intriguing game mechanics allow all players to participate in every phase of the game.
  • Deck building combinations are not only unique but near limitless.
  • Greater control over cards being drawn into your hand.
  • Simple yet powerful ability system.

New players should begin with the main set, Allegiance: War of Factions, before moving on to expansion sets. Information is available on the following Allegiance: War of Factions sets:

Main Set
Expansion Set I