The Basics:

Allegiance: War of Factions is a collectible card game where each player takes the role of a lord or lady vying for control of The City, a city so old its true name has been lost to time. Extend your influence in an attempt to control The City's major political, religious, and economic powers. While fighting for control, it may even be necessary to join forces with those who you would call your enemies as The City itself stands on the brink of being overrun by the denizens of the wild.

Gameplay Overview:

Allegiance introduces a unique system of play which allows everyone to become more involved in every phase of the game. Instead of taking full turns, players can do single actions in a clockwise manner, keeping everyone on their toes and deep into the game. Why sit back waiting for your enemies to make their move when you can stop them before they even get the chance? Form alliances, threaten your enemies, backstab your friends, hoard The City's resources--the choice is yours!

Most of the gameplay of Allegiance centers around the trade of influence tokens. These color-coded glass gems represent great wealth and power, and can be used to recruit new personalities, purchase items, and bring structures under your control. However, their use does not stop there: these tokens can be traded between players freely. Outnumbered and facing an approaching army? Pay them off not to attack. Need a favor from an opponent? Bribe them with the lure of gold. However, don't be surprised if you feel a knife plunge into your back - although any deal can be made, nothing is stopping your opponents from keeping their word. On the other hand, all deals are public, so backstabbers beware, for it may be the last deal you make!

The players aren't alone however - the hordes of wanderering monsters, bandits, and demons approach from the wilderness, constantly threatening The City. Under no player's direct control, the wanderers are the rogue faction in the game. Each turn, all players must bring a new one into play, as well as check the aggression levels of those wanderers already in play. The higher their aggression rating, the more likely they are to attack! You might think that putting a fire-breathing dragon into play might be bad for your opponents, but just watch out when it comes after you instead!

The Cards:

Allegiance has cards which fall into one of six categories: Personalities, Structures, Events, Invocations, Wanderers, and Items. Personalities are the key to winning the game, though it is over these personalities that many wars are fought. Although The City has legions of low-level workers, troops, and citizens, there are certain high-ranking personalities that have become near-legend. While there may be a hundred footmen guarding the gates, there is only one Captain Dorian. Although a hundred senators roam through the political districts on any given day, it is when Senator Mirrows treads those hallowed halls that people cringe with fear. And though a hundred zealots sit and pray to Kalim, there is only one Bishop Ospin that defends the city with a sword in one hand and the power of Kalim flowing through his veins. It is in these personalities and more that the players find the support in their quest for the crown. Though because many personalities are unique within The City, there cannot be multiple copies in play at any one time. Thus, if you hire Bishop Ospin, but your opponent already has him under his wing, you have successfully bribed Ospin onto your side: your opponent loses his copy, while your copy comes into play ready and waiting. However, like so many things in life, even this is not guaranteed, for there are ways to convince Ospin that he is happy where he is...

Players also spend time in game purchasing new structures, both for resource production and for defense. However, in a war such as this, not even the sturdiness of a building can protect those under your command. If your military is too weak, you could find yourself with enemies flooding your streets, burning and razing your structures. Players must find the correct balance between the resource production of structures and the military, religious, and political might of the personalities within The City.

The game does not stop there, however: Events are single-use cards that represent major events in the life and times of The City. While their costs are generally very low, if any, beware the natural disasters - cards that counter and negate an event, but at a devestating cost to the city. Items can be used to suppliment your personalities in various ways, and invocations are blessings from above... or below, depending on which side of the invocation you're on. Finally, wanderers enter the picture, the rogue faction that is under no one player's control. The wanderers that you bring into play need not heed your voice, and very well could turn on you, bringing hordes of their friends with them.

And like any CCG, Allegiance decks are fully customizable - alter your deck to create the perfect combination in your quest to claim control over The City. The options are near limitless!

Game Highlights:

  • Greater interaction between players including wheeling and dealing, backstabbing, and other nefarious activities.
  • Intriguing game mechanics allow all players to participate in every phase of the game.
  • Deck building combinations are not only unique but near limitless.
  • Greater control over cards being drawn into your hand.
  • Simple yet powerful ability system.
  • Lush and unique original artwork for every card.

From Here...

Interested in giving Allegiance a try? New players have a few options. Many players begin by downloading the most current set of rules and the free demo deck. You can also check the Event Calendar to see if the Allegiance Demo Team will be in your area or at a convention any time soon. Finally, you can simply dig in and buy Allegiance from your local store on online.

New players should begin with the main set, Allegiance: War of Factions, before moving on to expansion sets. Information is available on the following Allegiance: War of Factions sets on their respective product pages:

Main Set
Expansion Set I