The influence system allows you to gain rewards as you get involved with us and help build our community.

This is what accumulated influence can get you:

Custom Influence Tokens 250 Get influence tokens decorated with your primary faction's symbol. Not yet available.
Discount Cards varies Get 1 dollar off direct purchases from us for every 10 points of influence.
Booster Packs 35 Receive one in-stock booster pack.
Starter Decks 150 Receive one in-stock starter deck.
Promo Card 35 Receive your choice of any past promo card from the current stock.
Signed Card 25 Get a card of your choice signed by the available Lucid Raven Productions crew. Redeemer must provide the card.
Poster 35 Choose from Heris Lacauld or Helena Atrana.
T-Shirt 150 Choose an Allegiance: War of Factions t-shirt from our current stock.
Faction Play Banner 300 Get a cloth banner from the faction of your choice. Banner is designed as a play mat. Not yet available.
Immortality 1500 Become immortalized in Allegiance. Create a custom personality with your image and name on it which will come out in a coming expansion. Note that after each time that Immortality is gained by an Allegiance player, the cost raises 100 points.

For orders consisting of at least 50 points of redemption, shipping is free within the continental United States. Please contact us for shipping options when redeeming under 50 points of influence, or for redemption outside of the continental United States.


There are several ways to gain influence:

Sanctioned Tournament 2 Participate in a registered Sanctioned Tournament.
Official Tournament 10 Participate in an Event Tournament.
1st Place - Event Tournament 30 The winner of each Event Tournament receives 30 influence points.
2nd Place - Event Tournament 20 The second place player of each Event Tournament receives 20 influence points. In the case of a tie all players tying receive the points.
3rd Place - Event Tournament 10 The third place player of each Event Tournament receives 10 influence points. In the case of a tie all players tying receive the points.
Starter Deck Purchase 5 per starter Purchase a starter deck and send in the packagining or bar code from packaging.
Starter/Booster Box Purchase 5 Purchase a box of starters or boosters. Send in the box packaging or the bar code from the box.
Booster Pack Purchase 5 per 4 booster packs Purchase 4 booster packs and send in their packaging. Sets of 4 only please.
Residuals 25% Collect 25% of the influence gained for each person you referred who signed up. Gains come from purchases and tournament attendance.

All influence point gains, costs, and the system as a whole are subject to change without prior notice and may be cancelled or invalidated at the sole discretion of Lucid Raven Productions.