Announcing MapDEX Adventure Map Cards
Lucid Raven Productions is proud to announce the latest addition to the LRP family: MapDEX Adventure Map Cards.

MapDEX is a compilation of 4"x4" map graphic card tiles together in a "deck" for use in miniature and RPG game settings. The cards can be shuffled for random placement in adventure/dungeon creation, or used by game masters to reveal adventures to their players' one tile at a time.

Each MapDEX deck is packaged as a 72-card set (with 144-card sets to come) that is based around a particular theme. The first MapDEX deck features an eerie brick-lined dungeon theme perfect for a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl. MapDEX cards are lushly illustrated, but done in a way that the details won't get in the way of the game. Instead, each set includes 1"x1" and 1"x2" item cards - such as torches, doors, treasure chests, and more - that GMs can place at their leisure, adding to the customization possible. And of course, each MapDEX tile is made of a sturdy but shuffleable pre-cut cardstock, with maps in full glorious color. There's no printing, glueing or cutting necessary to start building your dungeon from the 4"x4" MapDEX cards - it has never been so easy to throw a map in your bag and take it with you!

A single 72-card MapDEX deck can be used to create a map that is 32 inches by 38 inches - that's almost 3 feet square! And that's not counting the fact that MapDEX sets can be combined - either mix different decks to make a varied map, or create a larger single-themed map by using multiple copies of a single MapDEX set! All MapDEX cards share a single back design, regardless of the era represented, so that sets can be mixed together easily without knowledge of what is underneath. And to make things easier, every MapDEX tile has 1" grid lines already present, a standard size for many miniatures and RPG measurements. Simply shuffle and build, and you're all ready to take your fellow gamers through an amazing, detailed setting that can change every time you play!

MapDEX Adventure Map Cards Set I will be released on June 29th at Origins 2005 in Columbus, OH, and will begin shipping to retailers and players following the show. You can also pre-order the set now at the Lucid Raven Online Store. MapDEX Set I retails for $10.95 and includes 72 map cards plus 6 cards of extras (extras require some cutting). Additional themed sets (in both 72- and 144-card decks) will be announced soon!

For more on MapDEX, visit the official MapDEX web site at

About MapDEX: MapDEX Adventure Map Cards let you shuffle, build, and play! Each MapDEX deck is packaged as a 72-card set (with 144-card sets to come) that is based around a particular theme. Making maps with these 4"x4" tiles has never been easier - every card can lead into the next, and all cards contain 1" grids to make in-game measurements easy. MapDEX cards work with practically any RPG, miniature, or adventure game that utilizes maps. With MapDEX, the possibilities are endless!

About Lucid Raven Productions: Best known as the publishers of the multi-player social political wargame Allegiance: War of Factions, Lucid Raven Productions strives to publish high quality games and game accessories with a visual flair. Located in Orem, UT, Lucid Raven Productions has partnered with the development team of Blue Sun Games to produce MapDEX.

27 Jun 2005

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