New Fiction Added - Twists and Turns | Comments: 0
27 Jun 2005
New fiction has been posted at the Fiction page. This tale is your introduction to the Mosfin troika, Feronant, Lerimar, and Rowen, thanks to the author Jonathan Lavallee. Check out Twists and Turns!

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New Fiction Added - Tilted Scales | Comments: 0
21 Jun 2005
There is new fiction available on within the Fiction section of the site. Lance W. Card brings us the tale of Domian Rickson's homecoming in Tilted Scales. Check it out!

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Shadow Puppets Event Tournament Extended | Comments: 0
11 Jun 2005
So that all stores have the chance to run the tournameny, we're extending the dates that the latest Allegiance Event Tournament, Shadow Puppets. This tournament can now be run through the end of July.

If your local store hasn't yet set up the tournament, they can find out more information on doing so by calling Lucid Raven at 1-888-279-3060. Normally, they would ask for J.T., but for the time being speak with Lance or leave a message. Also, if you have a tournament set up and need prize support, call the same number and speak with Lance.

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The Undercity Art Preview: "Dirty" Dougge Cabairn | Comments: 0
07 Jun 2005
Due to some busy times at the office, last week's preview slipped under our radar. Here it is, however - the only man in The City to have acquired the nickname "Dirty" - "Dirty" Dougge Cabairn:

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Downloads Added, Updated | Comments: 0
07 Jun 2005
A number of tournament-related downloads have been posted, including information on how to run drafts, event tournaments, or just general tournaments, as well as game assignment ("pairing") and other information. This is all located at the tournament downloads page.

We've also created a poster that you can use to advertise your upcoming Shadow Puppets event tournament - it's available on the tournament download page as well. It's a large 300dpi poster, so we don't recommend printing directly from a browser, but instead opening it in an image editing program. We'll have a PDF version up in the next day or two to make everything easier.

We've also uploaded the latest version of Lannes Enterprises' excellent CCG Master program. CCG Master lets you organize tournaments (including automatic game assignment) as well as keep track of your collection. CCG Master is available for download from either or from our own download page.

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