An abridged excerpt from Drealon's History of the World.

1221 – January - King Drel IV is killed in battle on the fields of Remara. Although his forces are nearly destroyed, their defiance of Ulfilg the Mad is sufficient to allow General Metington’s troops to rally in the south and ultimately end the Palefist Rebellion.

1221 - May - King Drel V is crowned.

1223 – King Drel V begins the Conquest of the Free Tribes to the south, moving large armies against the tribes of barbarians to the south in an attempt to bring them under the control of the crown.

1225 - Queen Sheala murders her son, King Drel V. She vanishes just after her deed is discovered. The city is thrown into civil war as multiple houses leap forward with their claims to the throne. This results in the Throne of Ire War and blood fills the streets. Eventually a temporary solution is found: the House of Ministers.

1226 – Frontier reports indicate that a massive gathering of northmen, stopping all further conquest against the Free Tribes. When the House of Ministers ignores the threat, Kalin Tregorian (House Mosfin’s candidate for the throne) threatens open rebellion if military support is not given by all houses against the impending arrival of the invading northern hordes. The House of Ministers ignores the threat.

1228 – Fall - After a couple of years trying to defend the land from the invading force with Mosfin troops, Kalin Tregorian marches on the House of Ministers, resulting in a blood bath and a general cleansing of the more prominent members of the governing body. Reprisals are quick from the offended houses.

1228 - Winter - House Mosfin begins to shudder under the constant attacks from its enemies. Kalin Tregorian falls during a three-day battle on the snowy field of Ler’Kadine. The battle is now referred to as “The Battle of the Fallen Dragon” or “Minister’s Rebuke”, depending on who is doing the telling.

1229 - Peace is restored after a long winter when Dromas Tregorian--Kalin’s successor--makes a final stand and loses to the combined forces of Leilas Bluefane and Porwens “The Grim” Dalk in what is now called “The Battle of Kaesor Valley”. In reparation, House Mosfin is forced to pay the House of Ministers the Shael Valley and 80,000 golden crowns.

1230 - Minister Wardel of House Terician is elected First Minister.

1230 - September – After strenuous talks, First Minister Wardel makes peace with Julak of the Blood, the leader of the northmen. The northmen return whence they came.

1238 - First Minister Wardel dies in his sleep. The death is attributed to natural causes and no investigation is held.

1238 - April - Leilas Bluefane’s son Galinhal is elected First Minister. Stalwarts of House Mosfin make claims that the election has been falsified and resign from the House of Ministers, taking with them House Cromfield as well as several smaller houses.

1239 - Civil unrest fills the city again as a short growing season leads to food shortages and hardships in the poorer quarters. Despite attempts by the Church of Kalim to aid those in need, many die of starvation.

1240 - Droughts continue to enflame the severe tensions between the aristocracy and the general populace. Attempts are made to secure food sources from outside the city, but poor harvests elsewhere offer little relief. With the continued deaths, disease begins to spread, resulting in outbreaks of the black plague.

1241 - First Minister Galinhal Bluefane is assaulted in the street by a group of disenchanted peasants seeking relief. Public executions are held, but enflame the populace instead of staying their unrest. Small riots begin to break out as many a house’s grounds are breached. Many more civilians die when facing the house’s militaries.

1242 - The Farmer’s Market Riots begin, resulting in thousands of dead left lining the streets. Galinhal Bluefane is again assaulted, but this time by Holdin the Butcher, an infamous member of Guild Darkmoor. House Bluefane accuses House Mosfin of funding Holdin the Butcher and his band of rebels. House Mosfin naturally rejects these claims as nothing more than Bluefane conjecture to further their political position. Despite the denials, the claims by House Bluefane result in legal inquiries known as “The Shadow Investigation”. The investigations turn up no conclusive answers and Holdin the Butcher is never seen again.

1244 - Following years of drought and famine, the rains again begin to wet the parched landscape. The battle of Steadfast Keep takes place and Captain Ridman of House Cromfield is slain in battle, resulting in accolades for House Cromfield, as his bravery managed to turn the invading orcs.

1245 - First Minister Galinhal Bluefane dies in a hunting accident when he falls from his horse. Quelin Garnain is elected First Minister in his stead. While accusations of blackmail and murder are rampant, Quelin manages to maintain control and eventually proves to be a decent First Minister, earning the nickname “The Just”, due to his even-handed rule.

1248 – In quite a sudden revolt, Tolvas Huur of House Mosfin marches on the city with an army 8,000 strong in an attempted coup. Following three weeks of siege, Tolvas is defeated and beheaded for his crimes. House Mosfin, embarrassed and betrayed by Tolvas Huur, strips his family of most of their lands and titles. The new head of the Huur family, Jendan Huur, left with only a few parcels of land and an uncertain future, begin to salvage what was left of his holdings through political maneuvering.

1250 – A southern hillsman by the name of Jandar Penja raises a large force and declares himself the Master of the Southern Hills. The House of Ministers responds by sending an army to put the usurper down. This army consists of regiments from each of the major houses, with support troops from each of the minor houses.

1250 – Summer – The Battle of the Red Hills results in the deaths of Jandar Penja, Captain Effilion Lanks, and Subcaptain Neiton Krathton, as well as over five hundred men of the kingdom.

1252 – The “Title of Emancipation” is published and legalized, granting women more rights than they’d previously held, but still not as many as men. Gheros Selura, a politician of no small reputation, heads this movement up.

1256 - The peace with the northmen ends as their numerous hosts rise against the kingdom from the mountains, spilling over every major fortification in their path. Several months of bloodshed ensue, resulting in the destruction of several minor houses, including Dalin, Kandor, and Errkon. The Battle at Brenton Ford temporarily stops the advance of the hordes and both sides establish camps on either side of the river. Captain Freom of House Bluefane is leading the kingdom forces.

1257 - Professing the divine guidance of the goddess Kalim, Leshana the Pure--a self-proclaimed prophetess--gains favor among the poor and begins to heighten the spread of the gospel of Kalim throughout the city.

1257 – Spring – The temporary truce at Brenton Ford is broken and fighting breaks out once again. Captain Freom is slain in battle and Captain Praiton of House Cromfield takes over command, losing ground to the barbarian hordes until he finally manages to stop their advance at the Sun Bridge.

1257 – Summer – Captain Jordan Escall, a very religious warrior of House Mosfin and an outspoken advocate of the Church of Kalim, is forced into command when Captain Praiton is slain by a suicide assassin. Following the advice of his Kalim priestess, Captain Escall manages to push the horde back from the river to Brenton Ford--the first relief the city has felt since the beginning of the invasion.

1257 – Summer – Captain Escall continues his victorious streak by pushing the hordes back to the Valley of Ur’atta, meeting and defeating Bradomk of the Bearhead Clan, and shattering an entire arm of the hordes’ strength. Captain Escall continues to press the hordes, forcing them back to the mountain passes and killing Krail of the Strongheart in battle and ultimately destroying the hordes’ resolve.

1258 - Leshana’s followers grow in number and strength, which causes fear and mistrust between the Church of Kalim and most of the aristocracy.

1259 - Ghorl Seven Toes marches on the Temple of Kalim with a host of 200 knights, 700 footmen, and a few hundred archers. As Ghorl enters the temple grounds, his forces begin to slaughter the small garrison of warrior priests. Were it not for the secret alliance that had recently been struck between House Bluefane and Leshana the Pure, Ghorl likely would have succeeded in destroying the growing might of Kalim. As it is, Ghorl’s forces are summarily broken under the combined strength of House Bluefane and its allies in what has become known as “The Battle of Holy Blood”.

1263 - Trade is opened with the Western Kingdoms. Ganthar Volorn heads the negotiations and in turn sees a large share of the profits. His family gains both wealth and notoriety.

1264 – Captain Escall dies in battle while expulsing the remaining bands of northmen from the mountain passes. A monument is commissioned and raised in the city in his honor.

1265 - First Minister Quelin Garnain dies.

1266 - Erams Brackswith is elected First Minister. Brackswith’s ties to House Cromfield reduces much of his strength and creates tensions between many of his allies.

1267 - Erams Brackswith is accused of practicing dark arts and being a member of an underground cult commonly known as the Cult of Ti’ishara. Following weeks of investigation, Erams is forced to resign his post as First Minister. Only days later a new First Minister is elected: Ols Majore of House Mosfin. Mosfin enemies see the change in leadership and talk of cult activity as nothing more than another Mosfin ploy to seize control. As a result, they ready their forces for war.

1267 - August - The recently anointed Prophetess and Guardian of the Light, Leshana the Pure, pleades for the enemies of House Mosfin to put aside their differences and attempt peace talks. Although both sides agree, it is only a few days into the talks that both parties realize the futility of further discussion and leave the table.

1267 - November - Leshana the Pure dies in her sanctuary. Rumors tell of the goddess Kalim visiting the sanctuary and carrying the soul of Leshana to the City of Light. This only furthers the adoration the general public feel for Kalim and validates the church’s work, continuing to alienate the aristocracy.

1267 - Late November - Vorn Brandor the Thick leads the Blue Legion over the Sorn’s River into the lands of House Mosfin and burns down several villages. Word of the attacks incites House Mosfin, which begins a massive campaign against House Bluefane, the known funding arm for the Blue Legion. Civil war erupts as the Houses destroy much of the city and the surrounding countryside. Aldorn Palore leads the forces of Bluefane and its allies in a three-day battle against the most formidable army House Mosfin could muster. The battle leaves nearly four thousand men dead and is so devastating to House Mosfin and its allies that they are left with no choice but to sue for peace. After a harsh winter of blood and ice, the fighting ends with the signing of the Treaty of Palore. Several minor houses are destroyed, including House Ilinis, House Omdaria, and House Trelore.

1269 – Miantay Belathor, Hero of the Crown, having spent most of the past year and nearly the entire year of 1269 rallying other military men to his political banner, establishes upon the official city registry the Veteran’s Guild as a political house.

1270 – The Wandering City, a band of roving gypsies, arrives. Though the aristocracy doesn’t regard the Wandering City with a kind eye, the general populace welcomes their craftsmanship. The Church of Kalim makes public that Kalim holds the rather wild and immoral lifestyle of the Wandering City in contempt.

1272 - Acormis Winters joins the Red Band of Brimrose and began his career in the military.

1273 – The Veteran’s Guild makes known their worth by defending Fort Greenspire from an invading goblin horde.

1275 - Talks of returning to a monarchy are ended by another invasion of northmen led by a man named Olens the Dark.

1276 - The forces of Olens the Dark continue to pillage and raid lands along the city’s border. Being primarily Mosfin territory, little aid is offered by the majority of the city’s leaders.

1277 - House Mosfin, along with its remaining allies, stage a daring attack on the mountain home of the northmen, killing Olens the Dark and shattering the northmen’s resolve to continue their attacks on the city.

1279 – Davis the Brightspirit, a prominent member of the Veteran’s Guild, sacrifices himself against the rampaging dragon Redflume, killing the dragon in the battle and saving the city.

1280 - The Silver Death strikes the city. Peasants and those in less savory conditions fare worse than most as the plague kills thousands. The name of the disease stems from the metallic gray coloring left on the faces of the dead. Belief that the plague is a curse due to the dark arts being practiced in the city results in the rebirth of rumors of a cult devoted to the god of deception and pain, Ti’ishara.

1282 - First Minister Ols Majore dies, causing tensions between the major houses to escalate to an all time high, resulting in no election for a new First Minister. Martial law is declared, despite the protests from the high clergy of Kalim.

1284 – The Brightspirit Monument is raised in Davis the Brightspirit’s honor.

1287 - War breaks out between House Mosfin and its enemies over leadership rights. The Veteran’s Guild remains neutral during the conflict. Ultimately House Mosfin is forced to surrender its claims to the throne, resulting in further loss of stature.

1299 - Acormis Winters, a recently returned soldier, is declared Guardian of the Light and Head of the Church of Kalim in a surprising move by the clergy.

1300 – Larion Eldrin, a new member of the Veteran’s Guild, leads a force of two hundred against a horde of six hundred orcs, captained by the feared orc warlord Gulgh the Blackhearted. After fierce fighting the orcs are routed and Larion Eldrin is awarded the title Hero of the Crown for his heroic acts upon the field.

1301 - Guardian of the Light Acormis Winters calls upon Davian Lawrence--an influential clergyman--to take the position of Arch Bishop within the church. Arch Bishop Lawrence does much to strengthen the church’s ties to the poor and common folk through the “Hand of Light” program, giving a new start to many men and women who were down on their luck.

1303 - Guardian of the Light Acormis Winters declares Ushim Elgorin king through divine ascension. House Mosfin, still suffering from the Treaty of Pelore and their recently failed military campaigns, musters little more than a passing disapproval of the obvious political alliance between House Bluefane and the Church of Kalim.

1304 – Summer - The Battle of Bredsford Bridge takes place. Captain Nadine Entara of the Veteran’s Guild holds her position against an insurgence of giantkind for three days before help arrives. For her actions at the bridge, Captain Nadine Entara is the first woman to receive the title Hero of the Crown.

1306 - Ushim Elgorin dies and his son Relam takes the throne. Guardian of the Light Acormis Winters begins his declarations of new doctrine being delivered to him by the goddess Kalim, changing the internal policies of the church.

1310 – Final steps are taken to add the new doctrine received by Guardian of the Light Acormis Winters to the prayer books and church records, officially changing the name of the church to the Glory of Kalim. Citing these new teachings, the Glory of Kalim begins gathering an army under its banner.

1313 – The Sacking of Fort Redstone takes place.

1314 – Hordes of creatures led by Maelfin the Anti-hero swarm the city in the Battle of the Red Sky. Maelfin the Anti-hero is shot dead before the castle by Stavin the Archer. Maelfin the Anti-hero’s captains Sephnair the Grim, Bolnir One-hand, and Firec of the Black Waters are each slain in their commands by Larion Eldrin, Antione Mirrows, and Nadine Entara (who looses her eye in the battle). The Hordes are routed after three days of brutal fighting.

1321 - House Elgorin is destroyed in a major war with the armies of Orvin the Cursed. Limited intelligence is available regarding the origins of Orvin the Cursed and his army, though it was clear that they are a serious threat to the city. As a result of the fall of House Elgorin and a complete decimation of their line--and thus the authority to ascend to the throne--leading members of the city determine there is little choice but to return to the system of Ministers. This begins the debate and armed conflict (a conflict in which the Veteran’s Guild takes their first political stand, declaring one of their own as an aspirant) that eventually leads to Lord Perinfall as a potential candidate for the position of First Minister.

1326 - Summer - Lord Perinfall, the front-runner for House Mosfin, gaines favor among the houses and is solidly positioned to be named First Minister in the fall elections during the up-coming year.

1327 - July - Lord Perinfall is murdered. Perinfall’s death results in further mistrust between House Mosfin and House Bluefane, though no proof is forthcoming against House Bluefane. House Bluefane, while accused of the crime, escapes unscathed after multiple deaths around the city result in a laughable investigation that is impossible to solve.

1328 - June - Amidst the beginnings of civil war, the city is besieged for the second time by the forces of Orvin the Cursed. The inherent danger of Orvin the Cursed’s armies is sufficient to bind the squabbling houses together and force them into a temporary alliance.

1328 - August - The Veteran’s Guild (with the support of the Glory of Kalim, House Mosfin, and several other major houses) repel the invading armies from the West. Information gleaned from deep forays into the west suggest that the armies of Orvin the Cursed are merely a small faction of an even more dangerous enemy: the Golden Empire.

1328 - August - Shortly after repelling Orvin the Cursed's hordes back into the hills, a mysterious series of fires break out in the city. All quarters seem to be equally affected, and the leadership of the various factions and Houses break from their usual infighting and work together to stop the spreading inferno. Rumors gleened from the poorer sections of the city suggest that a dark and sinister method existed behind the seemingly random fires.

1328 - November - After several months of an uneasy stalemate with the forces of Orvin the Cursed, reports trickle in that the hordes are again massing for a massive assault. While the organized Houses prepare for war, the general populace of the city turns to Kalim and the church for support. In response to the heartfelt prayers of Her worshippers, Kalim takes an active hand in the battle against Orvin's hordes. Working through the hands of her priesthood, She binds the wounds of the afflicted and smites the attacking horde. By a very thin margin, the forces of the city triumph.