Q. What is Allegiance?

A. Allegiance: War of Factions is a collectible card game which pits player against player in a struggle to gain control of a mighty city through war, religion, and political domination. Each player plays the role of a lord or lady who struggles to grasp the reigns of power while working together to ward off the city's very demise.

Q. How does it work?

A. Each player builds his or her own deck of cards and then in turn plays cards each round to help build up the city. At the same time each player prepares his or her defenses all the while striving to gain control of the city's various factions.

Q. Wow, this game sounds complex. Is it hard to play?

A. Nope. While it is definately a step up from most of the games on the market most people can get into the game after about 2 turns. The real complexity of the game is apparent not in the rules, but in the numerous combinations of cards and the way every action affects other actions. Seriously though, you have to try it to see what we mean. It's easy to get started, but you'll have many long nights planning out your perfect deck.

Q. Where can I buy Allegiance: War of Factions?

A. You can check out the Where to Buy link in the navigation bar. If your local shop doesn't have it, please tell them you want it!

Q. So why should I buy Allegiance: War of Factions when there are so many other card games out there?

A. There are two things which, in our opinion, make Allegiance unique among all the other games out there. First, our game offers a lot more than most games. Whereas most card games tend to fall into the same rhythm game after game, Allegiance is always fresh and exciting. Second, we believe that our system offers a lot more interaction as every player can get involved at pretty much any time. You never have to sit there waiting for "your turn". In addition to this we have all the standard goodies like original, high-quality artwork and some really cool rules that you'll find much evolved from the first generation card games on the market.

Q. Hey, this FAQ is pretty weak. I've a LOT more questions. Why'd it end here?

A. Well, we want to answer all the questions you have, but so far this is all the time we've had for the FAQ. Please visit our forums and ask those questions. If we can, we'll answer them there!