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So many people have wondered what has become of The Undercity expansion. Unfortunately the news is that we've had a hard time working out a deal that made it fiscally possible to release the expansion. We've had a lot of deals ready to sign but for one reason or another they fell through. The bottom line is we're not sure when or if the expansion will ever come out at this point. Being such a small company money has always been really tight and there comes a time when feeding the family becomes more important than chasing a dream. Unfortunately that time has come.

So what does this mean? Well, technically not much will have changed from what has been going on the last several months. There is still hope that we'll get that expansion out. In fact, the game has undergone a revision over the last year and if and when it comes out there will be some exciting changes.

Last off, and definitely not least, we want to thank all of our fans who have enjoyed so many great hours of Allegiance with us. We set out to make a game that gamers could appreciate. Our goal since the beginning has been to make great games not make piles of cash. We think we did it, and we're glad you were able to be a part of it. Hopefully somewhere down the road there will be a reunion. Thanks again to everyone - your support and friendship has meant everything to us.

LRP Team

We're not going to be taking the site down anytime soon so feel free to keep making use of the forums. Most news if there is any will naturally be there. =)

Also, you can still purchase Allegiance through our web store. We're almost completely out of boosters, but starter kits are also comprised of random cards and are roughly the same price (per card) so don't hesitate to buy those instead.

09 Aug 2006

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